Visual Timber Inspections

Visual Timber Inspections

We will carry out an extensive inspection of your property and provide you with an 11 page comprehensive Visual Timber Inspection report to AS 4394.3. The report details any past or current activity with photos of any activity sighted.

We work with real estate agents, settlement agents and private individuals to ensure that the house is safe from termite activity for settlement.

We also provide yearly ongoing termite inspections as recommended by the Standard to ensure that your property remains termite free.

Termite infestations can cause damage over a short period of time; with a colony of around 60,000 termites, colonies can reach around 2 million termites. A 2- by 4-inch piece of lumber can be consumed over a period of about five months.

Our clients have regular yearly inspections to ensure that their properties remain structurally sound

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